*EQUINOX* Instant Wrinkle Reducer

A Waste of Money and a Lot of it, October 8, 2014
I also was scammed, called the company and got a refund. The product just does not work at all. It looks ok for about 15 seconds
and then everything looks like before. (Which is not good.) I am 71 but look younger already, just need a product that will help with
lines around my mouth. Do not be hooked by this company, just do not order.

Was given product by a friend. It definitely works ..., July 9, 2014
Was given product by a friend. It definitely works and maintains a healthy glow. I too was scammed by a different skin product known as Life Cell Skincare and endorsed by Oprah where they they deducted almost 200.00 from my account instead of the 4.95 for the trial product. Deceptive business practices should always result in loss of business, despite the effectiveness of the product.

Rip off, don't get sucked in., June 15, 2014
I opted for a free sample of this and the RVTL anti wrinkle cream through a pop up add whilst on facebook. Like another review, was not aware of the automatic "membership " which means they take the full amount for the cream and keep tasking more from your bank without any notice. I reported RVTL to my card provider and got some of my money back. That was last October. I ordered the Equinox at the same time but this never arrived. It cdasme this last week . I have tried emailing their customers service address and the mail has been returned as no such address.Don't buy this....

Pricey and effective, June 10, 2014
It depends on what you want and are willing to pay for. The hype is accurate about the effects on the face.

LOVE this product too., May 30, 2014
I find the use of RVTL and Equinox together gives me much better results than using one alone. I truly do love it.

Disapointed in Amazon, May 23, 2014
I was drawn in, like many, by the promise of this product and turned to Amazon for research and possible purchase. Having read all of the reviews, even if the product did work I wouldn't do business with Equinox! I'm shocked that Amazon would continue to represent such a corrupt company and risk their near flawless reputation! How many of Amazon's customers will be taken advantage of before they put a stop to it!!! I want to thank all of you for the 911 alert...you have saved a lot of people from mystery! Is Amazon reading these...?

This is a scam - do not buy this product, May 6, 2014
There are several sites on the internet about this company. They do not want to sell the product for use, they just want to charge every customer over $200.00 within 15 days of ordering the product! They will not let you return it or give you a full refund either. I won't even use it - they lie about everything else, it's probably just hand cream or something.

After seeing an advert on line, I ordered 2 lots of eye cream, 2 day cream and 2 night cream as the product sounded so good.After using the eye cream for 3 - 4 days my skin became red, was very sore I was embarrassed to go out. The same thing unfortunately happened after using the day and night facial creams except this time as well as being red my skin went scaly. I really wish I could say that these products had worked for me - who doesn't want to get rid of lines and wrinkles but I'm left with day, night and eye cream still in their original packaging and one lot of each that have barely been used. What a complete waste of money.

Definitely a Scam Amazon please take off market, April 8, 2014
I order the product for a 30 day trial and cancelled my order in about seven days. The customer service representative was rude and tried to sell me on the product for $39.00 automatic draft. It seems they just come up with a price and hope you say yes. I will not order from Equinox again and suggest you don't - you will regret it. There are other similar products you can purchase that don't run a scam.

Definitly a SCAM, April 3, 2014
I too, fell for the free trial and was charged $93.00. Their website and the TERMS AND CONDITIONS contradict each other. There is no 100% money back guarantee. You can't get anywhere with these guys. All I can say is DON'T DO IT! No more trial offers for me! The product itself seems ok. If you want to try it, buy retail and pay the full price. You'll get charged anyway.