Soap Saver Sack POUCH loofah body SCRUBBER polisher - 12 Pack Assorted Colors

Soap Saver Sack POUCH loofah body SCRUBBER polisher - 12 Pack Assorted Colors

Product Description

This unique Soap Saver creates rich suds when you place the soap in the pouch and lather up. The net casing extends the life of the soap and allows you to put all those slivers of soap to use that you would normally throw away. The textured scrubby side scrubs and polishes your body. Place a bar of soap in the pouch and pull cord to secure. Wet in bath or shower and massage over body. Rinse and hang To dry. Assorted colors, pink, blue, pale green or white. Sorry, no color choice, we ship what we have based on availability. Each pouch measures 5" long x 4.5" wide. Features one side of net and the other a scrubby loofah material. The hanging cord loops through a smaller cord to pull pouch closed. Net side allows your soap to air dry when hung.

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Three Stars, July 18, 2014
Work well but strings break and the scratchy side will end up with a hole if used regularly..

kinda rough, June 23, 2014
These things are a bit tough on the skin but they get the job done. Each pouch lasts about 3weeks.

soap saver pouch, April 19, 2014
I love this little pouch, just the right size for my soap. you don't keep dropping the soap. Great for arthritic hands.

Not worth it, March 7, 2014
I used to get these at Walmart and they were great. I just throw them in with a load of clothes then put back in the shower. The ones I've gotten on-line have all been terrible. I get to use only once or twice before the scrubbing material falls apart.

waste $$, January 3, 2014
these are a waste of money they fall apart after just a few uses. I had a big hole in mind after only using it about 3 or 4 times. Do not waste your money

Useless and Cheaply Made!, December 26, 2013
I ordered these as a replacement for the net kind I have that fell apart after 6 months. I thought these pouch kind might be more sturdy and last longer. I had ordered a set of these and a set of Kirk's Castile fragrance free soap bars to include in gift baskets for my family for Christmas. When they arrived, I put a bar of soap in it and put the long loop through the smaller loop to close it shut to see how well it would work. Then I held up the long loop as if to hang it and the small loop came undone! These are not made securely at all and if they fall apart that quickly without even using them yet, there was no way I could give these out as part of a gift basket. :(

The design is very poor. I really thought they would secure better and the soap wouldn't be able to fall out, but I can't imagine trying to bathe or shower with this the way it is made, even if the loop hadn't come undone. It does not close. It is open at the top and the only thing securing them together are putting one loop inside the other. It seems very bulky to fit in your hand also. I think I will stick with the net pouches after all. I never had a problem with them not working right. They just start to come undone after many months of use. Unattractive, but they still hold the soap. If anyone knows of a mesh/net type that doesn't unravel after a few months, please leave a comment as to what brand you use. :)

I returned this order and Amazon credited me as soon as UPS came to pick it up. Return process was easy and am very pleased with Amazon and how they handle returns.

They're okay..., December 5, 2013
These are okay. They last for a few washes but then they fall apart. They're not very thick so they start tearing around the edges. But they are cheap if you don't mind replaces them often.

they're okay but,, November 25, 2013
These are hard to get a lather on them since they are pretty small and don't leave a lot of room to work the soap pieces areound. They are not horrible, just small.

awesome product, October 7, 2013
awesome product and sells fast :-) very pleased and I will re-order again and again. Thanks so much
the assortment is soo great

Tears up, August 5, 2013
They work well for three baths before they fall apart, getting fibers stuck in the Soap. Then you have to throw it all out. 60 washcloths for $27.99 is a much better deal