Oxygenius: Deep Cellular Renewal Serum

Oxygenius: Deep Cellular Renewal Serum

Product Description

The original truth serum, formulated to reveal your skin's true radiance. Brains, beauty and brawn! Oxygenius Deep Cellular Renewal Serum (0.5 oz) contains biotechnologically super-charged ingredients to bring oxygen deep beneath the epidermal surface. Skin cells face a lot: pollution, harsh weather, the effects of aging. Oxygenius uses the clout of chamomilla extract, soothes and makes supple with amino acids sourced from natural wheat, and provides provitimins to bulk up skin's nutrition. Sluggish, tired skin gets a wake up call! Suggested Use: This concentrated overnight treatment penetrates deeply, giving skin cells a breath of fresh air. Apply to freshly cleansed skin, massaging gently. Microbubbles of pure oxygen deliver intense hydration, renewing skin's youthfulness and elasticity. Reveals happier skin overnight.

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Very disappointed. Very big expense for what you get, September 3, 2014
Bought as a gift, bottle half full. Not as expected for the price. Very disappointed. Very big expense for what you get, wouldn't fill a teaspoon.. .

Two Stars, August 15, 2014
Without conviction

Immediate effects are maintained with daily use, July 23, 2014
Yes, many people tried this cellular renewal serum when offers were made that seemed to entrap the customer in an endless subscription for buying the product repeatedly, but now that that problem has been corrected it is time to evaluate the product on its own merits.

When used as directed - two drops or pumps form the very well designed dispenser massaged into the face and neck twice a day - there is an immediate effect that is visibly and tactically noticeable. The serum penetrates and puffs the skin to a sheen that feels softer, erases very fine wrinkles, and, simply put, makes the skin feel refreshed or plumped. When coupled with the company's other product Wrinkle Rewind' there is a very definite improvement in skin appearance and feel. Now that the little `problem' is over, try your product again and be consistent with its use and see the difference after 2 to 4 weeks time. Grady Harp, July 14

Very costly, June 23, 2014
AS other users say..I do see an improvement in my skin..however I emptied the bottle in a week...so it can be very expensive to use

Its okay., June 15, 2014
Barely okay as its much too expensive and they are very stingy with the amount in the bottle, and you have to push really hard to get what little is in there out.I can buy better serums at the corner drug store much cheaper.


BEWARE!!, April 16, 2014
I ordered oxygenius and rewind on their website, ordering from their trial offer of 3.95. I ordered one of each for that price. It was a trial order of 3.95. I would be signed up for automatic shipments and renewal every month if i did not call to cancel before the next months shipment. I received my order, and two weeks later charged two full price orders of 79.95, but did not receive another bottle of each. I called, and they said that they followed up my purchase with an email saying i would be charged full price for my ORIGINAL order if i did not return the original product. THEY CHANGED THE ORIGINAL AGREEMENT! They now claim that the 3.95 was for shipping and handling, and if i liked the product, would be charged the full price 15 days later! After talking to three people, who all decided i would have to RETURN the original product to receive a refund, i finally quoted the original agreement, told them it was against the law to change terms AFTER payment, and i was requesting full reimbursement of my double payment. They basically kept repeating the same lines over and over and over again. I kept them on the phone until they finally agreed to refund the payment and agree i did not have to return ANYTHING. It's only been an hour, but i expect to see the refund soon. DO NOT ACCEPT ANY TRIAL OFFERS FROM THESE PEOPLE! They lie and scam. I would NEVER agree to terms that they came up with AFTER i purchased the product. IF you got duped, please go at them with a vengeance! Keep insisting that you talk to someone in charge, and do NOT accept NO for an answer. If you did purchase this product outright, good luck! I did not see any difference in my skin at all! Even if i were satisfied with the product, I am furious with the company, and would never continue to do business with them!

Oxygenius: Deep Cellular Renewal Serum, January 31, 2014
I personally wasn't pleased with the serum and there was hardly enough in the bottle. It lasted only two days.

Renewal Serum, January 24, 2014
I applied it twice a day, and was pleased with the moisturizing effect it had on the skin. My disappointment was its failure to reduce the wrinkles.

Irratated Comsumer in Wisconsin - Oxygenius, December 17, 2013
My experience is about the same as other consumers. There is much that I did not understand when I responded to the advertise. First of all I thought that the product was free if I paid the shipping price of $3.95 each for the Wrinkle Rewind and the OxyGenius.

Twenty days after I had ordered these products, I called to cancel the orders. Then a couple days later, I noticed that my checking account had been charged $78.49 and &79.95 for the two samples, two and five days before this. What I did not know was that I had two weeks to try these two products and if I did not cancel in that period of time, I would be charged for the trial products of approximately $80 each. The trial products were not free.

When I called, the customer support person (for these two products) would not give me my money back. He said that he could allow me to pay just $29.95 for each one because I was within the 30 day window. He would give me a refund of $50 and $48.54 even though I repeatedly told him that I wanted a full refund which he wouldn't hear of. Out of shear frustration, I agreed to the $50 and $48 refunds. Before this, I told him that I had not opened the product yet so I could send it back to get a full refund. He would not consider it. He kept repeating to me the $29.95 per month per product deal.

I told him that I wanted out of the program. Another thing that was not an option. This really made me very angry. He said that he would give me until February 15th to call and cancel the products or there would be a withdrawal of $29.95 per product. I repeatedly told him that I wanted to be totally cancelled. He just kept telling me I had until Feb. 15th to try the product and if I did not like the product I should cancel befor February 15th. Finally I agreed with him and I will call them back and will try cancelling it in a few days. It really made me angry that he would not let me out of the program.

One thing is for certain, I am going to complain to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU.